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Who We Are

We are a private, non-profit school and organization, registered with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Exterior. We are also an internationally recognized Non-Government Organization (NGO).

Carazo Christian Academy (CCA) school started in 2007 with only 4 children and 5 teachers. By God's grace, we have grown to 14 teachers and over 200 students this year! We currently offer grades Pre-K 1 to 9th grade and have plans to expand into secondary education. The school is open to all children regardless of their background; the majority of whom are local Nicaraguan children from the surrounding countryside.

Our first and foremost goal is to further the kingdom of God through the school. Some ways we integrate Christianity into the school are through weekly school-wide chapels, daily Bible classes and daily teacher prayer meetings. Our students and parents see a difference in how our teachers care for the students and how the school is run. This testimony has brought many in the community to question what makes us different.

Our second objective is to be a bilingual school. Each class has a period dedicated to learning English. We also encourage our teachers to teach some subjects in English. Though our classes are operated by national Nicaraguan teachers, we have had volunteers from all over the world partner with us to help the school in various ways. Volunteers come and help with the English program whether that be helping teach an English class or even providing English tutoring for some teachers to improve their English.

Our third goal is to provide a strong education for all our students, so that they may be able to have a brighter future. We do this by adopting Western curriculum, making sure students are fluent in English once they graduate, and providing foreign connections to help them further their education upon graduation.

Our future goals also include starting a music academy as well as expanding our language offerings to Korean and Chinese, two important rising world languages. Our ultimate goal is not only having the classroom operated by nationals, but also having the school operated by nationals. Our goal is not to indoctrinate those in our community or change their cultural lifestyles. Our goal is provide a tool for Nicaragua--a stepping stone--so that the future of Nicaragua can be improved through this small light in a small town in Nicaragua.

Vision Statement

1. To reach Nicaraguans with the Gospel in all aspects of witness.

Through the school we hope to reach out to the families of students through Christian Education and our testimony as a school community.

2. To support and partner with Christian believers in the education of their children and teaching of their neighbors.

3. To prepare and develop the next generation by providing a different approach and offering alternative Bible-based education and worldview.

4. To promote Bible-based teacher training in both secular and Christian schools and in churches at a personal, local, and national level.

Mission Statement

The mission of Carazo Christian Academy is to provide high quality bilingual education and train leaders to impact the next generation.


To provide high quality bilingual education enabling the student to grow and develop in the Christian faith and to succeed academically and socially with a biblical worldview.

Academic Goals

1. To provide a high academic education from a biblical base

2. To develop organized habits of independent study

3. To train students to think critically and creatively

4. To form students of character to become responsible members of society

5. To prepare students for acceptance into international institutions of higher learning

Spiritual Goals

1. To equip students to understand and use the bible as a guide for Christian faith and living

2. To encourage and assist all students in developing their personal relationship with Jesus Christ

3. To cultivate a Christian lifestyle through worship and service

4. To assist students in discovering God’s will for their vocation in society and ministry in the church

Faith Statement

We hold to the historical Christian biblical faith. CCA promotes faith in Christ for salvation and the necessity to trust God in many ways for His provision and future direction.

Though our teachers and volunteers may belong to different Christian denominations, all are expected to have a personal experience of how they were changed by Jesus Christ.

Parents choose to send their children to CCA for many different reasons. We do not insist that parents adhere to our beliefs, but we insist they accept that our faith is the priority and motivation for the operation and existence of CCA.

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